What we do to protect you & all of us 

We have developed and applied a concept for your carefree vacation at Bündnerhof, even during Corona times. Since the situation changes almost daily and some measures are issued again after a short time, this concept will also be adapted to the regulations on a daily basis without representing a loss of our professional hygiene standards. 

Our in-house measures for your safety 

All provisions apply of ordinances and measures of the BAG to fight the coronavirus (COVID-19). 


A mask is required in all public indoor areas until further notice. This mask requirement applies to all employees and guests. We also ask you to keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters throughout the hotel.

• Our specifications and the guidelines of the BAG must be observed at all times. We count on your personal responsibility and respect for one another.

• If you have symptoms of illness, you should not travel.

• Despite the recommendation for electronic payment options, you can still pay cash.

• In the following, guest groups are those guests who arrived together or for whom a reservation was made before the visit or on site. A guest group consists of 1 to 4 people. Exception: If the guests also live together privately or have close contact (families with children and members of the same household), the distance rule can be waived and a larger group of guests can be accepted.

• All employees of the hotel wear a protective mask indoors and outdoors.

• Gloves are mandatory for all cleaning and are changed after every room / cleaning.

• The hair is tied up at all times.

• A freshly laundered uniform is worn every day.

• Before and after each type of work, hands are disinfected or washed thoroughly with soap.

• The employees are trained in the hygiene regulations of the BAG.

• Employees with symptoms are sent home immediately and instructed to follow the isolation according to the FOPH. Further measures will follow on the instructions of the canton medical service.

• Public areas such as the lobby, reception, all workplaces and areas, as well as the stairwell and the elevator are cleaned and disinfected several times a day. Gloves are worn with every cleaning.